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Fiction and Non-Fiction Connection blue bar

The functionality provided by the former Fiction and Non-Fiction Connection interfaces has been added to the Books In Print database.

The combined functionality includes:

  • Character Search – Allowing users to search for a character from their favorite books and view search results for all titles the character appears in.
  • Find Similar – Providing users suggested similar titles in Books In Print based on search criteria without having to search through Fiction Connection.
  • Browse – Enabling users to find books based on authors, genres, or topics that interest them. Every query will return suggested titles, eliminating dead-end searches.
  • Tag Cloud – Offering users suggested terms related to their initial search based on tagged words from the actual record.

A how to guide is available to see what the new result functionality looks like in Books In Print. The guide is available at: (put the PDF on the NebraskAccess server and link to that.)

The “how to” guide, shows what the new result functionality looks like in Books in Print.

The links to Fiction and Non-Fiction Connection will be removed from the website by June 20th.